Knaack Model 4824 Job Master Chest, 16 CU FT

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The Model 4824 JOBMASTER™ Chest is a high-quality tool chest that measures 24in deep by 48in wide and has a capacity of 16 cu ft. for optimal tool storage and organization opportunities. Versatile and portable, the tool box chest can hold everything from compressors to power tools for on the job convenience while its full-length piano hinge, which is stacked and welded, prevents theft. To further mitigate the risk of break-ins, the tool storage chest comes with the patented WATCHMAN® IV Lock System with a 3-point latch and a 7-gauge reinforced lock. The heavy-duty, powder-coated, 16-gauge steel construction and fully arc-welded seams provide superior durability for long-term reliability and corrosion resistance. To keep the lid from being damaged, the chest storage box"™s ergonomic lid comes with a dampening spring so you can open the lid from three sides without worrying about it slamming shut. Additionally, 4-way skids with 7-gauge construction allow access from any side for easy, fast, and safe transport, while heavy-duty recessed side handles allow for impressive mobility and protection against damage. The jobsite tool chest comes with a Power Pass® Electrical Pass-Thru grommet for easy, weatherproof power cord access.


  • Patented WATCHMAN® IV Lock System with 3-point latch and 7-gauge reinforced lock housing ensures superior tool chest theft protection
  • Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel chest box construction with fully arc-welded seams
  • Dampening spring prevents chest box lid from slamming shut
  • Ergonomic lid design allows for 3-side tool storage chest lid operation
  • 4-way skids with 7-gauge construction allow for access from any side of the chest storage box for easier, faster, and safer transport
  • Heavy-duty recessed side handles allow for enhanced steel tool chest mobility and protection
  • Heavy-duty piano hinge offers ideal protection against jobsite tool chest break-ins
  • Powder-coat finish for superior durability and corrosion resistance
  • Power Pass® Electrical Pass-Thru grommet provides convenient, weatherproof power cord access
  • Uses Accessory Tray Model 21