Kargo Master 40485 Kargo -Slide - Small - 58" L X 18" W - 46" -EXTENSION

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Kargo Slide makes it easy to access to equipment, tools, or materials from outside the van. Install shelving or cabinets on this sliding all purpose surface for easy access.

Kargo Slide - Small

The Kargo Slide is a sliding surface that can be installed on the floor of all full-sized vans. Shelf units, lockers, and other van interior equipment can be mounted to the slide to allow for easy access. The slide can be installed against the partition of the van to allow slide access out the side door of the van, or at the rear of the van to allow easy access to equipment without entering the vehicle.


  • Mounts to floor of a van to increase accessibility to equipment, tools or materials
  • 58"� x 18-5/8"� mounting surface
  • Width is wide enough to hold Kargo Master shelving and cabinet accessories
  • Slides out 46"� for accessibility outside of the van
  • 400lb load rating
  • Dimensions: 60.5 x 18.5 x 5.5 in

Vehicle Fit:

All vans